Welcome to the portal that leads to the organisation whose single aim is to deliver the world's best retail management system - Retail Directions.

Retail Directions designed and developed the software by working with some of the smartest retailers around. Today the company continues to work with many prominent retailers world-wide. It sells, installs, supports and continues to enhance this remarkable software.

Retail Directions solution is composed of both Head Office and store-level (including Point of Sale) systems.

Retail Directions Head Office system is aimed at managing retail chains. It is a powerful merchandise management and logistics system, that can handle merchandise-mix management, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, auto-replenishment, price management, promotions, customer relationship management, loss prevention and business intelligence.

Retail Directions store-level POS system is one of the few, truly intuitive systems that requires practically no user training. The system handles all typical POS functions but it also includes customer relationship management, extensive reporting, time in attendance capture, integrated EFT, electronic gift cards, full stock control and support for mobile (RF) in-store devices.

Retail Directions software solution runs all retail functionality in a retail chain, but the company can also supply just the Point of Sale or the Head Office part of the solution. Retail Directions have extensive experience interfacing their Head office system with a variety of 3rd party Point of Sale solutions, and interfacing their POS system with various 3rd party Head office systems.